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Learning by Coding

Started in 2011, Learning by Coding 's objective is to develop a curriculum
around teaching students to code by actually writing code and to help 
instructors adopt these curriculae.

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Our Process

  • CODE

    We believe that students should start writing code as soon as possible. Students start writing programs before they even understand what the programs or commands do. Then, we explain what it is that they just did.

  • Complete

    Our next step is to give the student examples of their task that are only partially complete. They will need to finish the code properly to complete this step.

  • Debug

    Once a student learns how to do a task and why it works. We give them examples of that same task done incorrectly for them to debug. Since the majority time spent coding is actually spent debugging, this is a vital exercise.

  • Extend

    Finally, for each task, we give the student examples of working code and ask them to add something extra. Once the student can write, complete, debug and extend code for each of our core tasks, they have the basic skills to write applications in this language/framework.

People like you love Learning by Coding

"Life Changing..."

I went through four years of university schooling in Computer Science and I can honestly say that going through this course gave me a wealth of experience that I only had a taste of during my schooling.

Francis Lin - Systems Engineer

"Customer For Life"

Overall it was a class that really promoted learning in its most raw form, identifying a problem and working through it and seeking help along the way, which is infinitely more useful in the long run than laboring for a grade day in and day out.

Roshan - Web Developer